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Definitive Geek 142

A new episode

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Definitive Geek 0 - Definitive Geek Reborn!

Its a new year, and that means a fresh start for Definitive Geek. We explain where we been, make some changes, and get back on the horse.

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Definitive Geek 140 - Hal Con Wrap Up

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Definitive Geek 139 - Halcon Preview Plus

Blake and Darren are Halifax Bound for Hal-Con 2013

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Definitive Geek 138 - The Race of Elves

Talking about Elves from Middle Earth

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Definitive Geek 137 - JLA Movie Cast

With the Cajun Man - we go crazy casting a JLA movie

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Definitive Geek 136- Interview with Matt from MiniWarGaming

We interview Matt from MiniWarGaming.com. And find out why they are so awesome.

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Definitive Geek 135 - The Race of Dwarves

Continuing our look at Lord of The Rings Dwarves

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Definitive Geek 134 - The Race Of Hobbits

We are heading to Middle Earth, to prepare for the desolation of Smaug with a discussion on Hobbits

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Definitive Geek 133 - Movies and Games at the very least

Talk Asylum's Apocolypse Earth, and some games

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